Why don't I see my AED(s) when I log into the REALConnect Platform?

There are a few reasons why you may not be seeing your AED(s) on the REALConnect Platform. 

In order for Avive Connect AEDs to show up on your platform, they need to be turned on and initialized. The first time you power on your Avive Connect AED, it will initialize. From that point on, if the device is connected to WiFi or using Cellular Data, whenever it performs a self-test or is powered on with the Power button, its location will update in the REALConnect Platform.

If you are not seeing an AED that you believe should be on your dashboard, please email support@avive.life, call (800) 489- 4428, or use the chat box in the bottom right corner of our website to chat with a customer service representative. 

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