Why should I keep my device on Low Power Mode?

Low Power Mode is designed to help you conserve the screen and connectivity battery on your Avive Connect AED. Emergency Nearby Alerts and other functionalities will only be available when the device is connected to a charger. If you are looking to maximize the screen and connectivity battery life for your Avive Connect AED, we recommend keeping your device in Low Power Mode. 

In Low Power Mode, when not connected to a charger, your device will only update its location and status once a day during its daily Self-Test. Your device will, similarly, only be responsive to the Lost Mode or Refresh Location features in your REALConnect Platform when it updates once per per day.

Note: Low Power and High Power Mode only refer to the settings for your screen and connectivity battery. They have no impact on your device’s treatment capabilities. Your lifesaving AED battery will still last 8.5 months regardless of your Power Mode configuration. 

What is the difference between Low Power Mode and High Power Mode on my Avive Connect AED?

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