How can I access Incident Data once my Avive Connect AED has been used? How do I download the full ECG report?

Click here to watch how to access Incident Data. 

AED Incident Data is easily accessible on the Avive Connect AED through a QR code that displays after a rescue. Event Data is also available to download on the REALConnect Platform. There are three main ways to access your Avive Connect AED's Incident Report after an event.

1. On Your Avive Connect AED.

The first way is by scanning the QR Code with a smartphone. Immediately after the rescue attempt, a QR Code will populate on the Avive Connect AED's screen. This code can be scanned by EMS personnel (and others) to retrieve incident data in PDF form. On the same Connect AED screen where the QR Code is shown, a unique Incident ID is displayed, which can be used to retrieve the incident data on the REALConnect Platform.

2. On Your REALConnect Platform

The second way to access your Incident Report is by logging into your REALConnect Platform and searching for the event data with the Incident ID (Note: Any Administrator or Manager assigned to a particular AED will have access to its Incident Data on the REALConnect Platform).

Once you click on a specific Incident, you can download the full ECG report by clicking “View Full Incident Report” in the top right. Your report will automatically download as a PDF document. Please note, the PDF may take a few minutes to generate once the AED is powered off. 

Both the Incident ID and QR Code can be easily retrieved from your Avive Connect AED at any time after the event. On your Connect home screen, navigate to the “Your Device” menu option. Then, select “Use History” and the date of the incident to view the Incident ID and QR Code from a particular rescue.

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