What cardiac event data is sent to the cloud?

The Avive Connect AED’s Rapid Incident Reporting can share vital information with first responders and physicians who need it to support patient care.

The Avive Connect AED stores data gathered during emergency use of the product and automatically transfers the data to Avive once it establishes a network connection. This data includes, but is not limited to, the geo-coordinates of the AED, the time since activation, the length of time the AED has remained on the current instruction, and specific “state” of the AED.

The Avive Connect AED is designed to send a Summary Report after a cardiac incident, as well as access to a more detailed Incident Report that includes the ECG and heart rhythm analysis segments with timestamps, up to the cloud - as long as cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity is available.

The Summary Report is accessible to you - immediately - by scanning a QR code on the Avive Connect AED’s screen. On the Summary Report page, you can then access a landing page, where you are able to enter an Incident ID number displayed on both the Connect AED and Summary Report screens to view a more detailed Incident Report.
Since the incident data is available in the cloud, it can be more quickly and seamlessly shared with receiving hospitals before the patient arrives, helping them better prepare to receive a critical patient.

Check out this video to see how it works!

Note: No Patient Health Information (PHI) is shared in the summary report. 

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