Why should my AED be connected to the internet?

To access the benefits of REALConnect™ remote AED monitoring and maintenance software, the Avive Connect AED requires a connection to the internet through WiFi or Cellular communication. 

WiFi or Cellular connectivity enables you to: 

  • View the location of each of your AEDs in the REALConnect platform, organize them by assigned users, locations, or labels, and configure settings
  • View the health status of your AEDs and get notified if any devices need attention (Devices check in daily)
  • Upload and access Emergency Data Incident Reports 
  • Receive notifications when your AEDs are activated
  • Send alerts to 911 when the AED is in use 
  • Download remote software updates

It’s important to note that the device does not require WiFi, cellular, or any other communication to provide life saving medical treatment. 

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