How do I remove a Pad Cartridge?

When replacing cartridges, make sure the device is powered off and no charging cable is connected.

1. Firmly pull back and lift up on both snaps on the back of the device to release the cartridge.

2. Install a new Avive Pad Cartridge by first aligning the cartridge with the back of the Avive Connect AED. Push the cartridge firmly into the recess on the back of the AED. Press down firmly on the corners of the cartridge. Make sure the cartridge is fully inserted around all sides of the AED.

Important: Replace the Pad Cartridge if it is expired, previously used, or the sealed pad package has been opened. 

Owner's Tip: The Avive Connect AED will audibly let you know, “Pad Cartridge Connected” once it senses that a new Pad Cartridge is correctly installed.

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