How many Pad Cartridges should I keep on hand?

It is our recommendation that you keep at least one extra Pad Cartridge on hand in the event that you deploy and use your Avive Connect AED™. This way, you'll be able to replace the Pad Cartridge right away and always be ready to use the Avive Connect AED™ in an emergency.

If you have used your AED and need to replace the Pad Cartridge, be sure to order a backup promptly. To do so, click here

Consider subscribing to our LIFESaver Plan™, which includes AutoShip pad replacements whenever your pads expire or complimentary pad replacement in the event that your Avive Connect AED™ is used*. Click here to learn more about our subscription options. 

*One Avive Pad Cartridge post-use replacement available annually per Avive Connect AED. Post Use Incident Report Required. Other restrictions may apply. Contact us at 800-489-4428 for more details. 

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